Sunday, September 04, 2011

Total Alignment, Fearless Painting

So, I have some wonderful art teachers on the internet who share with us info about other artists. This past week, I learned about Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio. She has a free class called "Total Alignment" the following is taken from her site, "a free online workshop that is designed to align your body-mind-heart with your creative source.  Through FEARLESS™ Painting and basic yoga goodness we mindfully begin to clear our path to creative source and listen to our innate wisdom. This workshop is intended for everyone of all skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds--from the full time professional Artist that is feeling stuck and in need of a boost of inner inspiration to the fresh newbie just starting out on their Artist journey eager to learn--and of course, every blessed soul in between! 

I LOVE this workshop! I think it's just what I needed to get me going again. In the workshop, she encourages us to paint BIG and for me that was a real challenge as most of my pieces are small. The first two pieces I did for the workshop were 9x12. I thought that was pretty good for me, but after class 3, I knew I could get so much more out of it if I would listen up and paint BIG. So I used what I had, a carton from file cabinets I bought at Ikea. She also has us standing up to paint, something I've never done. I had a little tabletop easel and that worked just fine.

The first class was on opening the heart center. For painting, our instructions for this workshop are: 1. scribble, 2. draw lines with direction and intention, 3. draw shapes and 4. Paint like a 5 year old.

This is a mother quail trying to help her baby to learn to open her heart and fly free.

The second class was on Balance. I started off with the scribbles on each side and ended up with trees and a house. This is where I decided that next class I would try and paint bigger, use my easel and stand.

The third class was on Energizing and man, she knows how to get you going. This piece is a bit wild, but I like her and she is now hanging in our bedroom.

This next photo is just to show you a comparison of my usual size of painting.

Today, the class I took was on Total Self Expression. I loved this class!

This week I will finish the last class, but this is a workshop that I will come back to again and again to get unstuck, revitalized,  rejuvenated... Thank you, Connie!

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