Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gut Art Class, Round 2

I started my second "Gut Art Class" with Myste at Little Glimpses Studio on Monday. I enjoyed her class in January so much and this is her 4th or 5th session. Of course, each one is different. They all involve two Field Trips each week to an artist's website and then we discuss and share our response to the artist's work. I love the students. They are all so friendly and encouraging.

This was my response to Monday's Field Trip. The artist uses a palette knife to paint and her subjects often have wild colored hair.

I just got the new iPhone! I love it! In anticipation of getting the phone, my husband, Jim, recommended getting the app "CP Pro". I used it to take the picture of this art piece and the colors are perfect.  For some reason scanners have a hard time wrapping their lens around the color hot pink.

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