Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Sad Day

I was so sad to hear the news yesterday.

We've always admired Steve Jobs for his totally awesome creative ideas... from the time he was a kid.

I was selling Apple Computers in El Paso, Texas in 1984 when the first Macintosh was introduced. The commercial, introducing the Mac, played during Super Bowl was like no other and the company has been the Apple of our eyes ever since.

We hope those who take the helm will do so with the same spirit and drive as the man who brought the company to life.

RIP Steve!

This appeared in our newspaper this morning. It's good to think of him running around heaven and updating everything. My sister was listening to the news today and someone was talking about Apple's new iPhone that was introduced on Tuesday. The comment was made that they didn't announce an iPhone5 on Tuesday, because it was the iPhone4S, "The iPhone for Steve". Love it!

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