Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Heart & Healing

Through my travels, I learned about a free class being offered by Tam over at Willowing, "Art Heart & Healing".  It was a wonderful class and I met some more friends and found another great teacher. I've enjoyed my art so much. Going to be 69 this coming month and just wish I had started this journey many years ago. But there's no time like the present, right? I made my journal out of an old Address Book that I bought at a Thrift Store. I can't believe someone gave it away with all their phone numbers in it, but it has made a great altered book for journaling.

This piece was done in a little cloth covered journal that I had and never used. It works great for my art too.

With a large family like mine, I have lots of people to send cards to and have been making my own for years with PrintShop and more recently with a Cuttlebug machine and rubber stamps, etc. Now I can use all of these pieces that I have created. So I needed a logo for the back of my cards and I did a sketch from the same picture in the journal above. That was fun and makes my cards a little more personal.

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